Our Carbon calculation methodology for the sports industry


the repository

Our methodology is based on the Carbon Database from ADEME. Since its creation in 2002, this database is continuously updated with data coming from many partners from the public and private sectors. Because of its experience and affiliation with the Association Bilan Carbone, ADEME’s carbon database is the world’s reference on the matter. Since 2002, it has helped produce over 6,000 carbon footprint calculation.

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A global vision

In order to implement a precise and personnalized calculation for its members, Game Earth has decided to lean on the expertise of its partner, Genba. Thanks to its scalable metholodogy of carbon footprint calculation, Genba offers Game Earth a comprehensive overview of every carbon footprint categories.

For each categories, Game Earth takes into account:

→ The direct footprint of athletes in the context of their professional activity
→ The indirect footprint, corresponding to the carbon consumption of the athlete’s fan-base (fans in attendance + tv/stream viewers)


Carbon emission factors

As of today, we have defined 4 categories for a total of 160 carbon emission factors:

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Food &

icône avion

Transportation & Mobility

icône lampe énergie

Digital Waste & Energy

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Textile & Equipements

The main advantage of our methodology resides in the multidisciplinary aspect of our team:


ADEME’s experience, thanks to its globally recognized database.


Genba’s innovative methodology, to customize our carbon footprint calculation.


BL Evolution’s expertise and consulting, to challenge and approve our methodology.