Our mission

Why ?

Game Earth is the synergy between professionals from the sports and communications industries, as well as climate preservation advocates. Together, we believe in the unifying, universal, and enticing values of sports.

The involvement of personalities, clubs, leagues, and federations can make a difference to help move us...

... toward a low carbon world, necessary to preserve our environment for future generations.

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How ?

To accomplish its mission, GAME EARTH works through two complementary structures:

The Game Earth Startup

A company that covers all operational costs, sells carbon calculation, raise awareness about GAME EARTH and manage its community of members.

The Game Earth Fund

A structure that receives tax-deductible donations and GAME EARTH members' carbon offset compensation. The Game Earth Fund has two objectives:

Leading advocacy and lobbying efforts, as well as scientific research to help the sports industry reduce its carbon emissions.

Financing the nonprofits partners of Game Earth.

The GAME EARTH FUND is led by two committees. An Investment committee and a committee of experts from the climate, carbon, ecology, and sports industries.
Its headquarters are located in an autonomous Earthship in France’s region of Dordogne.

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Thanks to our members' offset costs, the Game Earth Fund financially supports Nonprofits organizations (renvoyer sur la section dédiée dans Écosystème) that work to restore our planet through initiatives on the Earth, the Air, and the Sea.

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Thanks to our members' offset costs, the Game Earth Fund invest in innovative startups that design efficient solutions to fight climate change.

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Thanks to our unique ecosystem, we advocate and lobby for the reduction of the sports industry carbon footprint, via the production and gathering of data (studies, white books, etc.) helping its actors understand the impact sports has on climate change and the role it can play moving forward.