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Who are we?

Benjamin Adler

Benjamin Adler

President, Game Earth & Game Earth Fund

Stéphanie Rognon

Stéphanie Rognon

Director of Development

Benoit Sorrel

Benoît Sorrel-Dejerine

Executive Director, Game Earth

Maxime de Rostolan

Maxime de Rostolan

Board of Directors of Game Earth Fund

Dorian Team

Dorian Mouton

Methodology & Carbon calculation

David Coste

David Coste

Board of Directors of Game Earth Fund

Syra Silla

Africa Ambassador and Expert Committee

Antoine Jonchère

Antoine Jonchère

Director of Biz Dev

Gael Clouzard

Gael Clouzard

Director of Communications

Fabrice Auclert

Fabrice Auclert

Social Media & Editorial Manager

Melvin Karsenti

Director, North America

Franck d'Agostini

Stéphane Brédiger

Édouard Rollet

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Our Partners


Our Nonprofits Beneficiaries (2021)

We Ocean logo

We Ocean

WeOcean’s mission is to amplify the knowledge of the ocean and promote the creation of innovative sustainable, and impactful initiatives for the environment.
Respire logo


Respire is France’s and Europe’s air pollution expert. It was created in 2011 and leans on scientific data to inform, communicate, develop tools, and lead advocacy efforts on air pollution.
Wings of the ocean logo

Wings of the Ocean

Wings of the Ocean’s mission is the depollution of oceans and seas. Its sailing ship, the Kraken, can host up to 40 people and access the most secluded beaches to clean them. Thanks to its extensive european network in recycling, it helps with the reuse of the plastic they harness from the sea.
Moms clean air force logo

Moms Clean Air Force

Moms Clean Air Force’s mission is to protect children from air pollution and climate change. They envision a safe, stable, and equitable future where all children breathe clean air.
Instituterra logo

Instituto Terra

Created in 1998 by franco-brazilian photographer Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado, Instituto Terra is an environmental organization dedicated to sustainability and reforestation. It already has replanted more than 2 million trees to restaure Brazilian’s tropical forests.
All4trees logo


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Witnesses Club

Meet the members of our Ethics & Investment Committees


Communication Adviser at the Ministry of Ecological Transition / ex-communication director of WWF

Marc de la Ménardière

Director (« En quête de sens »), social entrepreneur and speaker / co-founder and manager of La Kambrousse

Lucie Pinson

Founder and CEO of Reclaim Finance

Eva Sadoun

Co-founder & President - LITA.co x RIFT / Co-president Impact France Movement

Maud Vincent

Communication manager at the Transition Campus

Guillaume Martin

Climat and Energy Consultant at B&L Évolution

Florent Massot

Founder and CEO of the
Éditions Massot

Eve Demange

City councilor EELV in Bordeaux / writer and advices in content strategy & storytelling for the web

Henri Landes

Co-founder at Landestini, ex-General Manager of the GoodPlanet Fundation, teacher and speaker sustainable development

Julien Woznita

Wings of the Ocean President

Laure-Hélène Landreau

Developer at Possibles and actors of changes trainer in college

Antoine Levêque

Founder of the agro-ecological Farm of Brouage, climate change awareness place / ex-communication manager of Pierre et Vacances

Sammy Girma

Sales expert at JAB /Member of the French Basketball 3x3 team / ex-professional basketball player

Guillaume Mesly d’Arloz

Founder of the brand Meelo, positive impact for biodiversity sneakers.

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Club témoins

Les comités de Plaidoyer et de Stratégie d’affectation du Fonds de dotation

Benjamin Adler

Président / Co-fondateur
et associé de DETROIT

David Coste

Co-fondateur de l’agence Patte Blanche et du tiers-lieu urbain The Island

Maxime Rostolan

Fondateur de Communitrees Fermes d’Avenir & Blue Bees / Écrivain et conférencier

Coralie Balmy

Quadruple championne d’Europe et médaillée olympique de natation / Fondatrice de Be Green Ocean


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communauté game earth

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